Costume Contest

This information is from 2016, please check back for 2017 soon!


A great feature of the Monster Dash races is the funny and creative costumes that runners come up with.  Some run the 5K -- while others run 10-Mile or Half Marathon all decked out in their Halloween costumes!  We invite you to do the same (with one tip, you might want to practice running in it before race day)!

Here are the categories to get you brainstorming on a great costume.  Awards for the winners will be announced via our Facebook page (and email) the following week!



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Screen Shot 2016 09 27 at 12.52.40 PM




We will be judging for the Top Three in the following divisions: 

  • Individual Male
  • Individual Female
  • Couple (2 individuals, group leader to post picture)
  • Group (3 or more individuals,  group leader to post picture)
  • Individual Boy (12 and under, must note age on photo)
  • Individual Girl (12 and under, must note age on photo)



What Will I Be Judged On?

Judges will grade contestants on a scale of 1 to 5 in each of the following categories:

  • Execution (How well did you put this costume together?)
  • Originiality (How unique is your costume?)
  • Wear-ability (Is this something that could be worn during a race?)
  • Overall Effect


When and Where Do I Find Out If I Won?
Winners will announced on the week following the race. Check our Facebook page and your email to find out if your costume won!!


What Can I Win?
Your very own Monster Dash Costume Contest Award Flag!