Security Policy


Team Ortho Foundation and Monster Dash are taking security precautions to keep this event as safe as we can. 

  • Bag drop bags will be available on race day and will be clear in color. You must use the clear bag on race day.   If you bring your own bag to bag check specifically, we reserve the right to inspect it for security purposes. 
  • Spectators should leave backpacks and big purses at home.  If they are brought into the race area, they will be subject to inspection.
  • We ask that participants and spectators be aware and respectful of sirens and emergency vehicles that may end up on the course.  If you hear or see an emergency vehicle, please move to the side of the road.
  • St. Paul Police will be enforcing no pedestrian traffic on Spring Street, which is the road right in front of the shops and residences near our finish line.  Please be respectful of this enforcement.  Residents want to be supportive of our event, but when their one and only exit/ entry is clogged by people it can be frustrating for them.  Spectators and participants are asked to watch the race from the north side of the course instead of along Spring Street.

Team Ortho has other additional security measures in place at all points on the course.